Vietnam - banana flowers strapped to motorbike (small)


Our projects include:

Development of impact network analysis (INA) to evaluate the effects of new information and other technologies in linked socioeconomic and biophysical networks (Garrett 2021)

Analysis of seed health management strategies and methods to improve seed systems for smallholder farmers (with One CGIAR and CGIAR RTB)

Laurel wilt and Phytophthora root rot management strategies in avocado production  (USDA SCRI)

Smart surveillance and mitigation strategies in the Florida region (USDA APHIS)

Forest fires and movement of human pathogens (W.M. Keck Foundation)

Analysis of microbiome networks to inform strategies for improved plant health (FFAR, Ceres Trust)

Supporting plant pathology capacity in Haiti with research collaborations as part of the AREA project (USAID)

Information about software developed as part of these projects is available here