Selected papers from the lab about maize systems

Hilker, F. M., L. J. S. Allen, V. A. Bokil, C. J. Briggs, Z. Feng, K. A. Garrett, L. J. Gross, F. M. Hamelin, M. J. Jeger, C. A. Manore, A. G. Power, M. G. Redinbaugh, M. A. Rúa and N. J. Cunniffe.  2017. Modelling virus coinfection to inform management of maize lethal necrosis in Kenya.  Phytopathology 107:1095-1108. [open access link]

Saleh, A. A., H. U. Ahmed, T. C. Todd, S. E. Travers, K. A. Zeller, J. F. Leslie, and K. A. Garrett. 2010. Relatedness of Macrophomina phaseolina isolates from tallgrass prairie, maize, soybean, and sorghum. Molecular Ecology 19:79-91. [link]

Margosian, M. L., K. A. Garrett, J. M. S. Hutchinson, and K. A. With. 2009. Connectivity of the American agricultural landscape: Assessing the national risk of crop pest and disease spread. BioScience 59:141-151. [open access link]

Garrett, K. A., and P. M. Dixon. 1998. When does the spatial pattern of weeds matter? Predictions from neighborhood models. Ecological Applications 8:1250-1259. [link]

Garrett, K. A. 1995. Selecting a method for sampling weed densities: The case of weed removal in strips. Weed Science 43:394-401. [link]

VanGessel, M. J., E. E. Schweizer, K. A. Garrett, and P. Westra. 1995. Influence of weed density and distribution on corn (Zea mays) yield. Weed Science 43:215-218. [link]

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