Soon we will be advertising for a Postdoctoral Research Associate for projects at the University of Florida that will provide experience in epidemiology and systems analysis for regional management of epidemics.  These projects have in common a focus on epidemiological modeling to protect crop health or human health and the opportunity to work with international interdisciplinary research teams.

The successful postdoctoral job candidate can negotiate to develop work to address one or more of these related projects: (1) avocado health management and the economics of management decision-making, supported by USDA SCRI, (2) smart surveillance and mitigation for crop pests in Florida and the surrounding region, supported by USDA APHIS, (3) human health risk due to potential spread of human pathogens in forest fires, supported by the W. M. Keck Foundation, and (4) protecting crop seed health and enhancing availability of improved crop varieties for smallholder farmers in Africa, South America, and Asia, supported by CGIAR.

We often have opportunities for undergraduate students interested in working on our active projects, or potentially developing their own projects.  If the lab’s combination of approaches and topics is a good match for your skills and interests, let’s consider the possibilities.