Cropland connectivity

We are making available new global maps of cropland connectivity measures for banana/plantain, cassava, potato, sweetpotato, and yam – along with example code for reading the raster files in R and plotting them.  These maps can be combined with other data layers, such as climate-based risk, for integrated risk assessments.

The maps and code are available through the following GitHub link:

To be added

The maps are generated as part of an analysis currently in press in BioScience.  An earlier version of the manuscript is available through bioRxiv:

Xing*, Y.J. Hernandez Nopsa*, K. F. Andersen, J. Andrade-Piedra, F. Beed, G. Blomme, M. Carvajal Yepes, D. Coyne, W. Cuellar, G. Forbes, J. Kreuze, J. Kroschel, L. Kumar, J. Legg, M. Parker, E. Schulte-Geldermann, K. Sharma, and K.  A. Garrett.  2020. Global cropland connectivity: A risk factor for invasion and saturation by emerging pathogens and pests. BioScience, in press. [Preprint available- bioRxiv 106542.  [open access link]]



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