Impact network analysis is a framework for scenario analysis as decision support for regional management interventions (Garrett 2021, Garrett 2020a, Garrett et al. 2018)

Garrett, K. A. 2021. User guide to impact network analysis (INA). CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB). RTB User Guide. No. 2021-4. Lima, Peru. [open access link]

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The following vignettes give examples of applications for functions in the INA R package, which perform impact network analysis (INA) and related analyses.  Some of the vignettes correspond to examples in Garrett 2020a.

Garrett, K. A. 2020b. A vignette for the INA R package: Evaluating potential adaptation plans for regional management under global change using the INAscene function. [Link to be added]

Garrett, K. A. 2020c. A vignette for the INA R package: Evaluating the likelihood of project success in scenario analyses for regional management using the INAscene function. [Link to be added]

Garrett, K. A. 2020d. A vignette for the INA R package: Identifying key sampling locations for smart surveillance using the smartsurv function. [Link to be added]

Garrett, K. A. 2020e. A vignette for the INA R package: Smaller functions that can create system components for the INAscene function. [Link to be added]

Examples of studies that include tools in the INA package

Andersen Onofre, K. F., G. A. Forbes, J. Andrade-Piedra, C. E. Buddenhagen, J. C. Fulton, M. Gatto, Z. Khidesheli, R. Mdivani, Y. XingK. A. Garrett. 2021. An integrated seed health strategy and phytosanitary risk assessment: potato in the Republic of Georgia. Agricultural Systems, in press.

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