INA R package

The INA R package performs impact network analysis for users’ scenarios.  It is described at

Garrett, K. A. 2018. Impact network analysis: Evaluating the success of interventions. PeerJ Preprints 6:e27037v27031

A preliminary version with a limited set of functions is available at

A link to the full set of functions, and a user’s guide, will be available shortly on this page.

seedHealth R package 

The seedHealth R package evaluates disease incidence in seed populations, to support an integrated seed health strategy.  The underlying model is described at

Thomas-Sharma, S., J. Andrade-Piedra, M. Carvajal Yepes, J. Hernandez Nopsa, M. Jeger, R. Jones, P. Kromann, J. Legg, J. Yuen, G. A. Forbes, and K. A. Garrett. 2017. A risk assessment framework for seed degeneration: Informing an integrated seed health strategy for vegetatively-propagated crops. Phytopathology 107:1123-1135. [open access link]  [Interactive interface for exploring model behavior]

The code is available at

A user’s guide will be available through this page shortly.